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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Wormholedeath Record has been putting out a lot of top notch material lately across all different sorts of genres. Selfmachine is an interesting sort of modern metal band who combine a lot of interesting ideas, including a unique mix of growls and cleans, to get the sort of music that captures the heart through a heavy metal rage that simply can not be beat. Not a lot bands can combine these unique ideas to create something fresh and exciting. Selfmachine have a clear artistic direction and it is fascinating to say the least. The thing is with these modern metal bands is that they often take a little bit of everything to get a sound that is fueled by fire. Sometimes it comes out as a hodgepodge, other times it is as with Selfmachine, driving, pounding heavy metal madness that could capture the heart of even the most jaded fan. The cleans are top notch and the growls brutal. Meanwhile the songwriting is pretty solid and shows a lot of potential from these Dutch rockers. Get ready to bang your head to some of the best modern metal has to offer.

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