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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tall Tales-Nightlife

Tall Tales is the kind of metallic hardcore band who bring an incredible and mind bending brutarian stomp to their sound. Their new record Nightlife is evidence of the bands glorious brutality and excellent songwriting. Nine tracks of hardcore madness aided by a crazed singer who can only be compared to an insane Jamey Jasta, Tall Tales have crafted something truly powerful with Nightlife the kind of record that can give new life to a scene left by the wayside. It's encouraging to see that their are now bands who are taking the best aspects of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal and putting it to good use.

Tall Tales do a wonderful job of incorporating exciting and often unorthodox ideas into their sound. For example, the use of noisy guitar parts helps to create a throb that almost reminds me of certain doom metal bands. Meanwhile, the lyrics are excellent, often taken from a hardcore and punk background, they add a very real desperation, hatred and brutality to a sound that seems built to rebel against a broken system. See, the thing that makes Nightlife so good is that Tall Tales find their way into the minds and hearts of the people. These midwestern boys have been able to open up their hearts and show them to the world through the magic of brutal music that grants no respite to posers.

Their fourth release in four years Nightlife is proof that Tall Tales have what it takes to go far. Their is a very real and honest brutality on this record, evidence of a wonderful hatred that evidences the eternal magic of hardcore. Tall Tales is more than just the latest and greatest heavy band to come from the midwest, they are a statement, proof of an eternal and skull crushing magic that a sound born of a desire to mosh can have. So prepare yourself, metallers, crusties, and punks all. The time has come to listen to one of the few bands that will unite us all in a storm of blast beats and headbanging magic.

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