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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nothing-Guilty of Everything

When you come across a band named Nothing what do you expect? I went into this review thinking that Guilty of Everything would be a searing slab of black metal, yet Nothing is in fact quite the opposite. Dreamy and majestic this band exists free of genre limitations or other such restrictions. Instead their unique songcraft shows off magical and epic soundscapes that draw the listener in like some sort of forbidden garden. Nothing is not a band to be taken lightly, Nothing have found a mystical fusion of alternative rock and post metal, something that will capture the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

The thing that makes these Philadelphia natives special is the sheer beauty and simple sadness behind a lot of their music. The fuzzy guitars create a huge harmonic backing for the rest of the band to play off of. It is easy to get lost in Guilty of Everything and simply listen to it for hours on end. Their is no escape from the roaring yet subdued power of a band who are crafting something very new. One of the most appealing things about this record to me is the mystical vocal style, it captures a certain primeval glory that few bands touch on. In fact, at times Nothing almost remind me of Alcest in the way that they fuse everything to go beyond, and almost transcend music as a whole.

In other words, Nothings new record is not nothing. It is everything, all at once, brought together in a beautiful and mind bending whole, a proof of the enduring might that alternative music, regardless of subtype, can have. Nothing are talented songwriters and its often hard to believe that such vast swathes of sound are being formed by only a few guys. This goes far beyond a lot of the weird modern post black metal stuff, Nothing go for the heart, and because of that I could easily envision this record dominating top 10 lists come the end of the year!

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  1. Nothing is amazing. However, their sound is nothing new....they are, quite simply, brilliantly repurposing the noise we've all been hearing and loving for decades. They offer a very fluent take on what could be hastily labeled a moldy shoegaze sandwich by antagonists who do not appreciate Nothing's method. Bravo!