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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Down Troddence-How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You

Now here is something I never expected to review. An groove metal record from India that incorporates not only keyboards, but Indian classical music. Well then, this is set to be awesome. The Down Troddence have a great songwriting ability and mix in all sorts of interesting raga based ideas with more skull cracking metal riffs to get the sort of record that is distinctly Indian and a cut above the rest. A fusion of groups like Lamb of God with something much older and more powerful, The Down Troddence have rapidly risen as one of India's top metal bands.

While the mix of styles is really cool I feel like it could be a bit more streamlined. I'd like to hear the heavier bits carry out more traditional melodies. As is, the record sometimes feels a tad confused. One song where they actually do this very well is Nagavalli. Otherwise, the frequently sectional nature of the music, when pulled off right we get a sort of Morbid Angel vibe with the quieter parts providing a fitting contrast to the death metal mastery. Any way you cut it, we have an extremely interesting listen on our hands. This is not the kind of record you can completely digest in one or two listens. No, How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You is the kind of album that takes days, if not weeks to really get at. While it's still excellent from the first, as I dig deeper into it, I am discovering new and cool ideas that I hadn't at first been exposed too.

I think I can be pretty safe in saying that if nothing else How Are You? We Are Fine Thank You is one of the most interesting records of the year. Not only is the music absolutely stellar, but the amount of ideas and concepts behind this record is simply mind boggling. This record is set to be a classic in the Indian metal scene. Fusing styles in a way that many never thought possible with a little luck The Down Troddence will soon find the international recognition they deserve. The undying power of both Indian classical music and death metal is on show here and we have clear proof that they will never die!

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