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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Gardnerz-Exiting Reality (Single)

Their are a lot of top notch doomy death metal bands from Sweden, the area seems to be blessed with a lot of excellent groups in the genre. The Gardnerz are more than simply another group in this trend, instead, they go beyond the genre with a roaring power that shows a certain magic behind their new single Exiting Reality. At many times simply transcendent, this single, though only ten minutes long, provokes a sort of escape from the shackles of the world around us. One of the most beautiful aspects of this single is the way that cleans and growls are contrasted. It makes a distinct and powerful contrast that adds a lot of flavor to the music. More than that The Gardnerz have a wonderful songwriting ability which establishes the power and glory behind the music. Crushing and powerful, Exiting Reality does not provide doom metal for the light of heart. Instead this is heavy and bone grinding music that will knock you down and force your head into a bottomless pool of heavy metal madness.

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