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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Amber/Locktender Split

Two incredible artsy hardcore bands, one mind bending split, what could possibly go wrong? This new seven inch from two masters of the genre showcases the best of a pair of groups I could see going far. On the one hand you have Amber, a German band with a true dedication to all that is extreme, yet with a much more intelligent and developed atmosphere. On the other, you have Locktender who have very quickly risen up to be my favorite hardcore band of the last few years, with their upcoming record Rodin being about the famous artist of the same name.

So what really sets this split apart? Well it isn't the name, that's for sure, seriously, what is it with bands naming their split releases "Split", couldn't you try just a little? Ranting aside, the thing that engages me about this is that both of the bands have a very distinct flavor. Ambers music is wholly unique, but so is Locktenders. The similarity lies in the general goal of both bands, to show that hardcore is the true  successor to famous composers of yore. The raw energy found in both is also impressive and shows that even if these bands are going for something a bit more 'out there' they haven't lost touch with their roots, this just adds to the magic of the music.

If you want the kind of split that people will talk about twenty years from now, then buy this as soon as you can. Amber and Locktender are both groups with careers on high flying trajectories, hosting unique sounds on a hardcore basis. This is more than just music, both of these groups make statements, exposing their very beings to the listener. While it may be tough going for some fans, I certainly feel that as I write, on my fifth time through the record, I have not wasted any time. There is a lot to dig here and I'm excited to hear how both groups develop in the future!

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