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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Defeat the Earth-Beyond Creation

Roaring death metal that is occasionally punctuated by a breakdown. One of the fastest rising metal bands in France. A group directed by an ex-trucker, incredibly determined to succeed and ready to pull all the stops in realizing his dream. This is not death metal for the light of heart, replete with crazed blast beats, roaring drums, and a dedication to all things brutal, Defeat the Earth have crafted a truly stunning debut with Beyond Creation Clearly ready to take the world by storm, this record seems to be the predecessor of great things to come!

The thing that really gets me going with this record is the crazed approach to riffing it has. Songs like Brutal as just Began showcase a primeval heaviness that not a lot of bands can really get at. At times though this leads to the record almost feeling too short, the tracks are so brutal and blast heavy that once the record runs its course you're left begging for more. Its insane to think that this law of sheer heaviness can be obtained by a mere four piece. Yet the grooves and the explosions that make Beyond Creation what it is do not lie, this is brutal death metal redemption. Providing no escape and no mercy, Defeat the Earth are not a band to be taken lightly, and as they charge forward what can you do but prepare yourself for the assault?

Though this may only be an EP Defeat the Earth clearly have the talent and the drive to dominate the globe. Not a lot of bands have this level of raw hatred and destruction behind their music. Even the few breakdowns the band break out are brilliantly executed. The best example is probably on the track Defeat the Earth which beautifully contrasts a huge and crunchy half time part with blazing riffs. Defeat the Earth have a clear artistic direction, and manage to sound different in a genre where too many bands sound similar, prepare to throw out your necks boys and girls, Defeat the Earth is here to stay.

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