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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bane of Bedlam-Monument of Horror

Bane of Bedlam is a thrash metal band, yet, they often transcend being merely that. This is a band who make a statement with their music, this is not the new generation of thrash, this is its grave digger. From the gruesome cover art to the ferocious riffs within, this is the kind of thrashy death metal record that gets heads banging and bodies moving. Their new album Monument of Horror, is not a release to be taken lightly, Bane of Bedlam will break into your house and smash in your face. Raging death metal at its finest, this is the kind of band who will dominate a brave new world of metal.

See, the thing that makes Bane of Bedlam so god darned interesting is the progressive element that they mix into their sound. Normally thrash metal groups who play five minute long tracks leave me bored and frustrated, but not Bane of Bedlam. Unafraid of clearing even the seven minute barrier, it is abundantly clear, even from the first listen that these guys know how to write songs. Monument of Horror is simply a testament to a band who have come up with a unique and exciting way to play thrash metal, bringing out the best elements of the genre and marrying it to modern sophistication. Surprisingly catchy and rife with guitar breaks, this is the kind of metal album that captures the hearts of thousands. 

As I dig further into this record I keep getting new surprises. This band is a four piece, yet they rage loud enough for six musicians. The changes in dynamics also keep this album interesting for many a spin. This is the sort of fresh take on thrash metal that not enough modern bands are willing to gamble on. Yet for Bane of Bedlam this gamble has paid off with some of the most memorable and exciting thrash to come out in years. I'm excited to see where this band brings their unique progressive death thrash in the future, all I know is that it will truly start a reign of blood!

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