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Monday, March 10, 2014

F.O.A.D.-The Bringer of Death

F.O.A.D. is the kind of death metal band who are not afraid to mix in more than a touch of that trademark hardcore sound to get a crossover attack that is a blast to listen too. Their new record The Bringer of Death is one of the latest, and greatest things to come off the rapidly rising French record label M&O Music. These Frenchmen are more than just metalheads or skinheads, their music goes beyond that and so they are a living embodiment of Billy Milano's legendary words. It doesn't matter how you wear your hair it's what's inside your head.

A large part of the appeal of this record, for me at least, is in how willfully offensive it is Their are choruses here that simple reek of punk rock madness. Gleeful in its gore, F.O.A.D.'s lyrics are actually pretty interesting at times, providing a counterpoint to the child screaming "Fuck off and die" at the beginning of the albums title track. The grooves here are also impressive. F.O.A.D. do an excellent job of combining hardcore with metal in a way that is distinctly different than deathcore or metalcore bands. This is much more pure and direct. On many levels, the music found on The Bringer of Death seems like a logical extension of that of bands like The Cro Mags or Bad Brains.

Heavy to an extreme and unafraid to get mind numbingly fast, F.O.A.D. are more than just another metal band trying to make good. these guys are pumping out exciting new ideas at a lighting speed. I'm curious to see what they produce next simply because F.O.A.D. are breaking exciting new ground in what was supposed to be a relatively dead genre. Prepare to bang your heads until the day of judgement comes, these guys are going to start the mosh and never let it die. Brothers and sisters, come  join in the fun, F.O.A.D. is the perfect mixture of death metal and hardcore for 2014.

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