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Sunday, March 30, 2014


Grimy, crass, destructive, these are all words that can be used to describe the aural blasphemy of Coldwar, the latest extreme metal group to crawl out of the dirty sewers of Dublin. The magic of this record lies in the way that it fuses a variety of exciting genres into one passionate and engaging whole. Rather than going down just one avenue, here we find evidence of hardcore, death metal, crust punk, and even a little black metal here and there. The end result is their new record Pantheist some of the most intrguiing extreme music that I have heard in a long while.

Now I'll admit, it takes a few songs before you start really jiving with this record. Pantheist are definitely more than a little 'out there' and there ideas are hard to get a handle on at first. Yet once you start to get at the heart of the music and the messages that Coldwar seem to be spreading, you realize the power of this release. Coldwar have a distinct approach to riffing, and I think in the long term it will do them good. However, it may alienate some fans who aren't quite able to see what the band is doing. With some more polish, this unique approach to all that is extreme could come off a lot better. As is, I find it engaging, but still difficult to crack the surface

Pantheist is a record that operates on many levels. It is not an album that you can easily digest in one mere listen. Rather you have to dig for it, delve into the deep and uncover the eldritch secrets of the sound. Coldwar is vicious and unholy, but they unravel extreme music and the power it holds in a whole new way. This is metal that makes you think, makes you examine the inner motivations of your life and decide if its all worth it in the end. Now that I've been given this gift of inner reflection, I have to leave you behind, and ascend into a meditative state, transcendence through metal, enlightenment from Pantheist.

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