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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black Tar Heroines

I'll admit, I've lost a lot of faith in my long running Ultimate Guitar "Let Me Review Your Band" thread's ability to turn up great new talent. Yet Black Tar Heroines have restored my faith with a sound that is groovy and passionate, rock and roll for the masterplan, that gets to the heart of the genre and understands the power and beauty of music meant to rebel. Made for "All the stoners, lovers and cool kids smoking menthols under the bleachers" there is a certain primal magic to the Black Tar Heroines sound. These guys get at rock and roll in a way that few of their peers actively touch on. Rather than go for the super polished modern rock tones of their peers, Black Tar Heroines are a group who embrace the magic of kids playing loud music. Yet behind this, there are brilliant layers of production and some tasty songwriting. Fresh and innovative, Black Tar Heroines still have to do some development before putting out a full record, yet the future seems bright for these modern day rock and rollers!

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