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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dea Marica

I for one am very supportive of the rising up of the doom metal scene, this is metal as it was meant to be played, loud and heavy, with no room for posers. Combining a variety of genres into a stone cold sensibility Dea Marica is one of the latest bands to rise up from this potent scene. Their new record Curse of the Haunted is evidence to the deep and enduring power that doom metal has over the common man. One of the things that really has drawn me into the Dea Marica sound is the way that the band seamlessly fuses cleans and growls to get something truly memorable. The clean vocals provide a certain epic and dynamic quality to the songs. Meanwhile, the growls add a layer of hatred and bitterness that few of the bands peers can match. Is this just another doom metal band? No. In a crowded scene Dea Marica seem to be making waves. As they gradually reach out and get the recognition they deserve I could see them quickly triumphing. Sure some evolution could be done in their sound, yet their ability to touch the heart is incredible, prepare yourselves brethren, this is doom metal and it will capture your heart!

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