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Friday, March 14, 2014

Impaled Nazarene-Vigorous and Liberating Death

<br />Impaled Nazarene - Vigorous and Liberating Death

Impaled Nazarene have long been one of the worlds most evil and potent black metal bands. This is black metal at its finest, raging forward with an incredible and antediluvian hatred. Impaled Nazarene have always impressed me with the blazing speed behind their unique brand of black metal. Creating a soundtrack for the end of the world. Their new record Vigorous and Liberating Death shows that the band is back to their roots, filled with the unapologetic hatred and black metal madness that gives the genre the bloody unapologetic hatred that made it great.

Vigorous and Liberating Death is immediately engaging just from the first bars. This is not a band who are going to sit back and relax, no, Impaled Nazarene are going to eviscerate the listener with an approach that shows an incredible destructive hatred. This record becomes all the more impressive when you realize that these guys have bringing their unique brand of 'nuclear metal' to the fore since 1990. With a legacy of torment, fear and burning hate, Vigorous and Liberating Death digs into the heart of the band, it may even be their best record since Pro Patria Finlandia, it is proof that the raging goat fueled hatred of black metal will live on no matter what the circumstances.

To make a long story short, the four years between this record and the last have been long, yet it has been worth the wait. Vigorous and Liberating Death is the music that the fans want and will be sure to love. Due to drop on April 14th, one month from today, this will be Impaled Nazarenes great triumph, proof that they will go on, kicking and (literally) screaming on through the 2010's. Vigorous and Liberating Death represents a new level of black metal purity, distilling the undying magic and raging hate of the genre into thirteen blazing tracks, prepare yourselves, the unholy winter is coming.

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