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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Diesel Kings, Cult of Occult and Indian in Paris

Another night, another show. So it goes in the life of a music critic. I snuck into the venue early and who do I bump into but my old friend Marcel! He quickly guided me back to a very fun conversation with Indian. After a dinner of rice and chicken it was time for the first band to come on. I prepared myself for a night of extremely loud doom metal madness, three bands who will pulverize you with a sound so loud that your ears will be ringing for days on end. Doom for the modern age, this was antediluvian leave metal madness at its absolute finest.

First up was Diesel King, an English band who played a very interesting set filled with dynamic rhythm changes and some brutal vocals. Digging into this band is easy, there sound is loud and proud, not the kind of thing that will leave you easily. This band seems to be held together by sheer groove, pounding out unholy rhythms to the beat of a bass drum. While these guys seemed to have some sound issue by Thor were they loud. The thing is, this band understand the raw brutality and cosmic heaviness that defines doom as a genre. This is what made Diesel King an ideal opener, while they may not have the majesty of the following groups, they certainly have the grit.

Cult of Occult came on next, I was super excited for them, I've wanted to see these guys brutalize the stage since I was just fifteen. Their roaring brand of doom metal is satanic and powerful. The terrifying crush of these songs allowed for no posers to escape. These guys grasp the magic of what they are doing and extol it with an incredible gravitas. The readings from dark texts and twisted vocals provided an exciting and definitely evil bleakness to the entire affair. Upon this altar of doom, no man could escape, all held in thrall with the primitive brutality. As the set ended in five minutes of pure feedback and noise people seemed prepared for the apocalyptic might of Indian.

Now here is a band that you must see live. A group who will not be taken lightly, simply because they are so incredible heavy Indian know how to put on a show. With bleak and wonderfully harsh vocals, the soundscapes crafted by Indian are hard to reckon with, they are simply so immensely powerful, how is one expected to deal with a band who easily clears 130 decibels? You just can't. Instead you let the music wash over you, you fall into the sound and become one with it. Indian live is simply a religious experience, moreso than many of their peers. These guys crush all opponents and leave them flattened, unable to resist, thralls to unholy doom.

So on this irreverent and desecrated night was capped off in a most wonderfully bleak fashion. All three bands managed to impress me, but Indian were simply the best of the best. One of the best bands I have ever seen live I simply can not wait to see these guys again. Cult of Occult is another group who blew me away. I never expected them to be that good live. It made for an incredible and memorable night that dominated the soul, it captured the hearts of the few faithful patrons and reminded us, what is already dead, will never die.

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