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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Human Infection - Curvatures in Time

Roanoke is a mysterious town with dark origins, or at least our history teachers taught us that. I think the whole mystery is a bit overblown (Hint: The Indians actually had food) Yet nothing is overblown about Human Infection, this precise mind altering death metal at its finest. Their new record Curvatures in Time is a doom metal masterwork, capturing the magic of a genre that was left behind by the gods. Dig in and taste the blood, Human Infection are mad metal scientists and there destructive riffs will leave you a shivering ghost of your former self.

What's interesting about Curvatures in Time is the contrast between the developed and almost scientific lyrics as contrasted to the primitive brutality of the music. This is a record that gets at something deeper and almost majestic, the evil power of death metal and all that it is capable of bringing to the table. When you dig into Human Infection it's almost impossible not to be entranced by the incredible layers of sound, an unholy masterwork for the modern man to marvel at. These riffs are desperate and go straight for the throat. Curvatures in Time is the sound of a band gasping for air as they beat their enemies to death with a rusty old shovel.

In short, this is an album that gets at the screeching heart of death metal, it will rip your hair out and kick you in the chest. Human Infection simply flatten the listener with an incredible bottom end and twisting riffs that take a few listens to really wrap your head around. This is what the explosion of the Sun will sound like, especially appropriate for a group that sings of 'Explosions as large as the universe'. The world is a twisted, spinning place, and when you stumble upon its bleakest corners and darkest mysteries, well then, you are faced with the pure and beautiful madness of a band like Human Infection.

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