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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doctor Livingstone-Contemptus Saeculi

When I was growing up I had a deepset fascination with Doctor Livingstone, them man. The idea of this brave explorer missionary who did it all for the glory of God and England captured a more romantic part of my heart. Nowadays Doctor Livingstone are a mysterious and ominous band from the darkest depths of France. A band who mix a variety of styles from black metal to grindcore to get something truly special Doctor Livingstone are truly enjoyable, shaping new sounds that few of their contemporaries could understand, much less create.

The magic of this record lies in the bleak and unforgiving soundscapes that are rapidly and violently crafted. This is not the sort of thing that your average metal dude can dig into, quite the opposite in fact, their is quite a bit of work that goes into really getting the Doctor Livingstone sound. This is the magic of Contemptus Saeculi that it grasps the heart in a violent and unforgiving way. Doctor Livingstone have this unapologetic hatred and dedication to brutality behind their music that gives it a certain undefinable majesty, showing the roaring triumph of a band who in twelve tracks can say more than most modern metal groups will express in their entire discography.

Running the gamut of styles, but staying extreme until death, this is certainly not a record to be taken lightly. There is something incredible going on here, Doctor Livingstone have touched on to something special with Contemptus Saeculi with a mixture of ideas that comes out surprisingly streamlined and powerful. Though Doctor Livingstone may pride themselves for being rough and mysterious, their is an incredible and mind rending power here that few unsigned bands get at. I'm excited to hear how Doctor Livingstone progresses and I'm sure that in the live arena they must have a show fit to make grown men cry.

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