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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eths-Ex Umbra In Solem

Eths is an interesting metallic hardcore band who mix death metal with high flying female vocals and a few hardcore blasts. This new EP Ex Umbra In Solem is a wonderful introduction of the groups new singer Rachel Aspe. Proof that this band will survive after the loss of their previous singer Candice I'm excited to say that the future seems better than ever for my favorite group from Marseille. Starting of with a bang, the premier of a new song, and then followed up by some live tracks and then some re-recordings Eths have proven to us once again that they are one of the best and most exciting metal bands on the scene right now.

Ex Umbra In Solem gains its might because so much of it is based off the bands classic work. Yet it comes across as fresh and much more dynamic with the introduction of Rachel Aspe. Eths are crafting new and dynamic soundscapes with an exciting new take. Eths have always been ready to accept change, but this has perhaps been their most important yet. However, as I digest these live records of classics and the retakes of some of the songs from 2012's III we start to see the incredible longevity and durability of a band who aren't afraid to break the rules. Ex Umbra In Solem is not just a new EP it is a reaffirmation of the glory of this groups unique brand of metallic hardcore.

Eths were never a band to be taken lightly and Ex Umbra In Solem is a destructive rebuttal of those who thought the band was over. Now we know there is no stopping this group, they are a force, impossible to mess with and ready to take back their crown as one of the worlds top female fronted metal bands. While Ex Umbra In Solem only has a touch of new material it shows that their new singer puts a fresh and frankly stunning touch on songs that fans like me have loved for so long. Prepare yourselves my brothers and sisters, Eths are back and better than ever.

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