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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Electric Hellride-Come Darkness, Come Light

Electric Hellride, now there is a band name worth fighting for. These guys have recently put out a record that captures the magic of this name, and shows the power of the group as a united force. Come Darkness, Come Light is more than just a metal EP, it is a veritable statement, demonstrating the enduring power that this sort of groove metal will have. Unafraid to combine genres and topped off with some fascinating ideas, Electric Hellride want to grab you by your manky hair and tie you to a truck. As they drive off pulling you behind, you start to comprehend the beauty of this band.

From the first, it is clear, Electric Hellride have a pretty limited time to beat their message into you so they will be destructive and to the point. What I'm trying to say is that Electric Hellride do an excellent job of creating an EP that comes across rapidly and feels complete. As opposed to with most EP's as this record closes out, I feel like I have been taken on a journey with a clear development, climax and conclusion. Rather than feeling cut off due to things like a lack of money, Come Darkness, Come Light has a unique aura that allows its four tracks to really seep in and touch the heart, revealing the beating heart of the groups sound.

A fitting evolution on Hate.Control.Manipulate this record is an interesting one to say the least. The more I dig into it, the more I find, proving that Come Darkness, Come Light is worth a good few spins. It's nice and short, but in this case it is not a fault, but only another intriguing aspect of the music. It gives the entire release a unique vibe and makes me want to delve more into the triumph of this work. Prepare to bang your head and let your body shake, Electric Hellride have made a most unholy release and its unique blend of a variety of genres will ring for years to come.

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