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Monday, March 24, 2014

Frail Grounds-The Fields of Trauma

Frail Grounds is a distinctly interesting new group from Norway. While I have often gone on the record as being against mixing cleans and growls in death metal, Frail Grounds pull it off with aplomb. Exciting and dynamic their unique blend of power, progressive and death metal is stunningly melodic and well organized. The bands ethnomusical heritage is also clear, touches of various strains of Norwegian metal are found in the fringes of their new record The Fields of Trauma. An album that combines genres and captures hearts, this band will not be held down.

See, The Fields of Trauma immediately captures the listener because of the way the melodies are presented. They draw in the listener using mystical and poignant progressive song structures that really gives the band a unique and delicious vibe. It means that this album is worth many a spin and shows many different layers of sound. Furthermore, as I mentioned before, the mix of cleans and growls is really well put together. Rather than coming over as noxious modern metal it actually takes on Opeth like qualities. This bands singer can really belt it and leaves a very distinct mark on the record, giving a very clear flavor for the music and something of a basis for the sound.

Frail Grounds is certainly not a band to be taken lightly. While at first they may seem to be just another metal group, there is actually a lot more going on here. Rising in popularity in one of metals most legendary locales Frail Grounds seem set to take on the globe. Fighting the world with a sound that deserves to be played in arenas I think Frail Grounds have a stunning potential. Whlie some parts of their work could be developed and polished, the bare bones of The Fields of Trauma are impressive. Built upon the fabric of a giants skeleton this band could evolve into a potent metal force.

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