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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Godhead-The Shadow Realigned

Godhead is one of the fastest rising and most promising electronic music acts of the twenty first century. His new record The Shadow Realigned is a set of 14 powerful remixes as well as two covers and an unreleased original. This record is the evidence of the rising triumph of Godhead. Already covered in such noble magazines as The Rolling Stone, this is the sort of record that fits into a beautiful niche of Godhead's discography and showcases the eternal magic of this power, nihilistic and heart rending heavy industrial and electronic music.

The thing that captured me with The Shadow Realigned was the way that the fourteen remixes have a wonderful and unique flavor to each of them. While the music is all Godhead's each producer has a unique and distinct understanding of his craft, bringing forward distinct ideas with each piece. This record has encouraged me to go back and rediscover Godhead's songs, it makes me want to dig in and discover certain forgotten ideas of his. Furthermore, the three non-remixes. The two covers and original are all very tasty. I especially like the cover of Kiss's God of Thunder which comes off especially well, with Godhead giving a delectable interpretation.

In closing, The Shadow Realigned is not an album to be taken lightly, it is a release that requires many a spin, bringing out promising and exciting new ideas that define the Godhead sound. This guy is one of the most promising heavy industrial writers to come out of the scene in years and as he evolves the sound will only grow. I'm excited to hear the progression that will come, and these remixes have brought out promising ideas and bring forth the magic of electronic music. This is a tour de force of top notch producers from across the globe, and thirty years from now, people will look back and call this record a classic, a crowning jewel in Godhead's triumphant crown.

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