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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Possession-His Best Deceit

Possession, now there is a black metal band name that calls forth triumphant images of darkness, things that embody the very ethos of black metal. Their debut release, His Best Deceit is a thrilling testament to the enduring power of raw blackened death metal. Fast, heavy, and unforgiving, this is truly a band who are untamed and unchained. Four songs of extreme madness turned to eleven, this is the sort of release that captures the magic of a genre that so many have spent countless hours working in. Triumphant and evil, this is what black metal should sound like.

Perhaps the thing that most gets me, is the raw darkness behind the shrieks. Heavily reverbed and filled with a raw sentiment of evil this is not the sort of band to be taken lightly. Possession deal in raw and unadulterated emotions, contrasting these harsh shrieks with the occasional powerful atavistic yell. The drawback to this record is that it simply feels too short. While the songs are very much complete, and the aural journey taken by the album is interesting, there is a definite feeling that the ideas could be developed on more and the atmosphere more evolved with even three or four more tracks. A full length album from Possession would be a thing to be reckoned with.

In closing, I will simply say this, Possession is not just another black metal band. When they put on the corpse paint and let their hair fly, they are not embracing a scene, or a ideology, but simply themselves. As the mysterious M from Mgla once told me, "Some people, no matter what they play, black metal comes out". It seems to me, that Possession are among them. The way that they go into their music, kicking and screaming demonstrates a dedication to darkness that few have. So let yourselves be taken in, this is a black metal holocaust for the purest of fans.

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