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Saturday, March 15, 2014

INTHESHIT/Priapus 7 inch Split

Split cover art

There is something magical about the seven inch grindcore split. The way that you get a 4 minute exposure to two new bands has a certain primal appeal to me that I can't really put into words. This joy becomes even more deserved in cases like this one, when both of the bands involved are top notch and really get at the heart of the genre. Two East Coast grindcore bands INTHESHIT and Priapus have come together to put together a split that is disgusting and powerful, and I must say one hundred percent enjoyable, even for its meager run time.

The thing that really draws me into this split is the way that it has been set up. Foregoing song titles, INTHESHIT have taken side A and poured their hearts and souls into the music, this is one of the most enjoyable three minute blasts of grind I've been exposed to in a good long while. However, I feel like some of the production could be ameliorated, I know its supposed to be raw since its grindcore, but I think that a bit of fiddling with the drums would have taken it to a new level. After INTHESHIT Priapus come in and keep the flame burning. The rage behind this particular band is indescribable. I love the way they blast forward and give their unique brand of grinding evil a good name. 

In closing, much like the nun getting wasted on communion wine on the album cover, this album is made up of perverse and powerful imagery that latches onto the listener and keeps them engaged for many a spin. I'll come out and say this might be simply the most addictive split I've been exposed to in a while, since I got it two days ago I've spun it almost ten times. It's an easy record to get lost in and I think its proof of the both of these groups skill. Suffice to say, I'm excited to see how the two bands represented here manage to bring themselves forward to new levels of heavy metal triumph!

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