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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kill Matilda-#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll

Zombie obsessed punk from a band who have a healthy respect for rock and roll? Well then, color me interested! Kill Matilda are a rapidly rising punk group from Canada and their new record #Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll is as exciting as it is creatively named. There is something magical about this release, a sort of Iggy Pop derived madness that proves Kill Matilda to be the bloody corpse of rock and roll brought back to life. Animated beings who scream out of your speakers with an insane power, Kill Matilda will take your life!

The immediately engaging thing about Kill Matilda is simply how vicious it can be, yet this is always underscored by a distinct punk beauty. Perhaps it is no more apparent than in the acoustic track Geisha which features terrifying lyrics but a moving guitar part, reminding me almost of The Velvet Underground. Yes, I just compared a band to The Velvet Underground, Kill Matilda is simply that good. The way that the music simply shakes, rattles and rolls with heavy metal energy from the crypt you start to think that maybe Kill Matilda are on to something greater. As I give this record more spins, I think I can confidently say they are, Kill Matilda may very well be the new face of punk.

#Punk#Zombie#Rocknroll is an engaging listen if nothing else bringing out some cool new concepts in a brilliant punk context. Few new punk records that I've heard in the past few years have come up and struck me like this one, it speaks to the power of Kill Matilda as a band. Yet this three piece is far from done, I think they'll be roaring forward, kicking and screaming sooner than you can imagine. Their is an undeniable force behind this bands sound and I'm excited to hear how they evolve! Prepare yourselves, punk rock is back on track!

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