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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mad Agony-Chernobitch

Mad Agony have been around for twenty three years churning out some of the best heavy metal music to ever roar out of Italy. Passionate and power, Mad Agony are, if nothing else, fun to listen too. With a wonderful understanding of what it means to play heavy metal, their new record Chernobitch captures the fun and magic of heavy metal at its finest. This is a record that can be spun again and again for one reason, it captures of the spirit of the genre we all know and love in a poignant and often very beautiful way. Chernobitch reveals the heart of metal.

From the start it's clear you're in for a good time. Songs like Back in Town are anthemic and a blast to listen too at full volume. More than that, Mad Agony understand how to write some top notch songs. The way the riffs blaze forwards with a thrash metal energy on many of the tracks helps to keep the entire album engaging and fun. One thing that adds a whole lot of flavor to Chernobitch is the vocal lines, not only is the singer excellent, his Italian accent gives the band a distinct feel, a clear European touch. This really helps to solidify Chernobitch giving it a unique texture. Of course, this is only possible because of the excellent musicians who play it fast and loose, placing a special emphasis on the crushing bottom end. 

Chernobitch is a fun listen, this is not just another metal record that you listen too then throw away. Their is a depth here that speaks to the enduring power of metal, and shows why this band has chosen to keep going even after twenty three years. Filled with charming hooks and a dedication to metal that only the purest metal children can claim to have, this is what metal should sound like. Enjoyable through and through I look forward to checking out more from this band. Mad Agony will get your head banging and body moving, prepare yourself for some good times!

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