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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manilla Road-Mystification

One of my favorite things about getting reissues of classic releases is that this gives me a chance to cover albums I love that were released before I started this blog, or in this case, before I was born. Manilla Road have long held a special place in my heart as lords of metal. Released way back in 1987 Mystification is considered to be one of the key albums from the classic period of Manilla Road. This song features a couple of the bands most famous, and forward thinking tracks, showing off the magic of true metal might to the masses, and enjoyable to a fault.

Here's the thing about Mystification it stands out because it incorporates a few elements of what was going on in metal at the time, yet still keeps the distinctive Manilla Road vibe. Perhaps the best example of this is the speedy Up from the Crypt which is basically what would happen if Manilla Road wrote a thrash metal song. Other pieces are more representative of the bands classic attack, I especially like Masque of the Red Death which is based on an Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name. It showcases the bands ability to write powerful progressive tracks which reach out and touch the soul. Another highly enjoyable aspect of this record lies in the production, this time we get to hear the original vinyl mastering rather than the original CD remaster. While this may seem like a minor thing for me it helps to bring it all back to the basics, maximum rock and roll.

And that's what Mystification is really about, mixing these older, powerful stories with something fresh and exciting. Pretty much every song on this album tells a different story and has its own unique vibe, this makes for memorable and exciting listening. Mostly turned towards horror their is a certain raging power here which  has always made Manilla Road's music such a blast to listen too. Suffice to say, I hope that Shadow Kingdom records can rerelease more Manilla Road soon, the band certainly deserves it and this may lead to a massive rediscovery from metallers across the globe!

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