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Monday, March 10, 2014

Dead Earth Politics-The Queen of Steel

Dead Earth Politics is one of the strongest bands to come out of Austin in recent memory. Claiming to have got some Lamb of God in their Iron Maiden, these guys bring forth a unique and powerful sound that is melodic, brutal, and everything in between. Far from being posers, these guys mix cleans and growls with aplomb, showing off a clear dedication to all styles of metal. This is more than just a metal EP, it is a testament to the enduring power of the music we all know and love. Blasting and mighty, The Queen of Steel is a clear proof of the bands talent.

The thing that really makes The Queen of Steel a fun listen is the sheer bombast behind the sound. Few bands have the guts to put out a record that mixes so many exciting ideas with such distinct and brutal hatred. Dead Earth Politics have in a very short run time been able to demonstrate a lot of what they are capable of, hard and true heavy metal with a unique vibe. This perhaps explains the huge success they seem to be having, you don't get to thirteen thousand Facebook fans for nothing. The real problem with the EP lies in how short it is, having only three new songs out is hardly enough to calm the rabid fans. I'm really looking forward to hearing how their sound would run over a full record.

There is something about the Dead Earth Politics sound which touches on what it means to be human, some sort of deeper idea here that lets the band let loose, from the noose to the grave. The thing is, their approach is very unique, and while some bands try to do the same things they do (Mixing cleans and growls and using melodic guitar lines in a non-poser context) none can claim to be half as competent as them. This is the sort of exciting new metal that the world needs if we want to see the scene evolve, so let us hope that one day soon, Dead Earth Politics will have their well deserved triumph.

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