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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ruthless Pride-Underground Brotherhood

Ruthless Pride is the kind of ferocious hardcore that is derived from the true and unapologetic hardcore of the 80s. Fused with elements of metal and a ferocious dedication to all things heavy and furious and their new record Underground Brotherhood is a proof of the incredible and mind enhancing nature of true hardcore. Heavy and fast this is metallic hardcore for a new generation, unapologetic and filled with ate. This is not the kind of music that will cut a break for posers or swoopy haired kids. Ruthless Pride will crush your face in and they want you to know it.

At first their are a few things that take a bit of time to digging into. The vocals are different to say the least, yet their blunt and harsh delivery which is abrasive at first becomes more engaging and powerful. Underground Brotherhood is beautiful in its power, this is not the kind of album that takes a lot of time to dig into, its clear from the first, this is hardcore at its finest, loud and proud, unafraid to stand up and show its magic. Their are a variety of really cool lead lines in this record that I dig too, they add a wonderful flavor throughout the record and help to engage the listener, providing a well deserved break from its dedicated hardcore roots.

In conclusion, if you want a metallic hardcore record for the ages Underground Brotherhood is the album for you. While this album certainly has its faults and could get developed a bit more I think that there are a lot of really cool and dynamic ideas. Ruthless Pride have got an attack and a passion here that few of their contemporaries do. This album will make your headbang and mosh until you die, there is no escape from the pummeling rhythms and harsh vocal attack. Prepare yourselves for a ruthless attack that will fill YOU with pride for hardcore, a scene that will never die.

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