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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twitch of the Death Nerve-A New Code of Morality

Their is not a lot to be said for modern gore metal, it simply doesn't exist as much as it did twenty years ago, its impact is diminished and I feel like most people like to pretend it never happened. Yet for some of us, the spirit of gore metal will never die, and the discovery of top notch new gore bands like Twitch of the Death Nerve showcases the eternal magic of a genre dedicated to blood and guts. Their new record A New Code of Morality is possibly the best gore metal full length to come out this year, and by odin is it good.

From the first roar of Peculiar Perversions Particular to the Picquerist (Whatever is that supposed to mean?) you know you're in for a good time. See, even though they are incredibly brutal and have an all encompassing dedication to evil. The destructuve power of these songs is not to be underestimated, pieces like Scores of Sores, Legions of Lesions shows not only a soul rending heaviness, but also a certain demented philosophy behind the band. It's been a while since I heard gore metal that really made me recoil in fright, but A New Code of Morality's simply evil growls are the perfect vehicle to bring forth these decrepit words unto the earth.

If you want gore metal that will make your head bang and hair fly then this is the record for oyu. Built for the pit and for disgusting metallers across the globe, Twitch of the Death Never have a lot of exciting ideas and this is what makes them gore meta lfor the new generation. They have a distinct approach which is interesting and dynamic, much more exciting than most of their peers. A record that shows the eternal power of those obsessed with blood and guts I'm excited to see this bands output in the future, I feel like it will only get better!

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