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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seal of Solomon-I The King

Wormhole Death Records have put out some truly top notch acts in the last few years and Seal of Solomon, a melodic death metal band from Turkey, is simply the latest in a growing tide of excellent groups. Their new record I The King is a testament to the enduring power of a genre that many have cast by the wayside. With the parting of Angela Gossow from Archenemy the world seems to be searching for some new melodic death metal icons and it seems to me at least that Seal of Solomon could very well step up to the plate and be that very band.

The thing that really sets Seal of Solomon apart is the fact that they really know how to write songs. The way this drives their music forward is impressive. See, Seal of Solomon go beyond the traditional melodeath formulas and bring in elements of symphonic and black metal. This makes for a record that is a lot more intellectually stimulating than most other melodeath releases. The soundscapes created here are pretty unique too. Not a lot of bands can produce something with sounds this clear and direct. Seal of Solomon grasp the significance and beauty of the genre in a way that few of their peers do, and this is what gives I The King the power it needs to triumph.

Filled with evil, yet also primal beauty, I The King is the sort of record that proves the enduring magic of symphonic and melodic death metal. These Turkish gentlemen tap into something greater, something more, with I The King transcending the stale world of their everyday lives and coming into something darker, harsher, and, frankly, magical. I'm excited to hear how this band develops, and seeing as they already have a an EP , I will definitely be checking out the back catalog. As for now, I leave you with this, with a little luck, Seal of Solomon could really become the next big thing in melodeath.

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