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Monday, March 17, 2014

Visions of the Night-Guerrillas within their Midst

Visions of the Night is a destructive one man blackened death metal project that is not only evil but also incredibly powerful. This is the sort of record that roars, screams, and cracks skulls through its ten song duration. Built around military themes and an excellent understanding of the use of hatred in death metal Visions of the Night's new record Guerrillas within their Midst is a monolithic release. This album is a testament to the enduring and undying power of blackened death metal. A testament to the enduring power of a genre, this is not and album that is easily ignored.

What's interesting about the song structures here is that they contrast black metal riffs against death metal ones. While sure, there are riffs in the blackened death metal style, the way that the projects mastermind, Wolvesblood, contrasts these different ideas is interesting and exciting. Wolvesblood really knows how to write some tight songs, their is a general forward momentum here that really drives the music to a whole new level. On top of this are the lyrics, which are almost all centered around war. Using harsh screams to deliver messages of war and hate, this is what death metal is all about, driving forward with an undying message of unadulterated darkness.

This is extreme metal at its finest, this is not a record that is going to get huge, but for the blackened death metal freaks who understand the nature of the music, well... Let's just say, for me Guerrillas within their Midst is a sort of instant cult classic. Visions of Night has some sort of insane and unholy drive that brings the project to the fore. As the band develops I think potent and exciting ideas could be birthed from the war torn maw of this group. Prepare yourselves, by the end we see that war is the answer, for Visions of the Night at least and this is what will bring the project to the next level.

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