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Friday, March 28, 2014

Smash Into Pieces-Unbreakable

Alright, long time readers know that I tend to hate on this nebulous trend known as modern metal. I find the vocals whiny and the guitars uninspired. Then I got this record to review, and rather than ripping into it, I have to say I am a little bit in awe. Smash Into Pieces are the kind of group who fully embrace their musical background and are self aware. Their understanding of modern metal is deep and allows them to bring in pop elements nicely concealed as some of the best production I have heard all year and adds a sparkling veneer to the music.

The power of the music lies in the fact that Smash Into Pieces do not shy away from hooks and big choruses. While in most cases groups try to make this 'serious' or 'smart' Smash Into Pieces seem to ignore these rules. As a result of this they are able to set themselves apart, and thus become serious and smart. By really digging into the music and getting at the true spirit of the genre they make a wonderful and engaging statement. Suddenly, the wonderful songwriting does not feel over polished but instead accurate, reflective, indicative of the power of a genre too many elitists have left to die.  So Smash Into Pieces rise up, masters of their much maligned genre.

So, what I want to say is that Unbreakable have broken my hatred of modern metal. Through glorious production and a good amount of pop hooks Smash Into Pieces becomes one of the most interesting records I have heard in a good long while. As you dig into the record you discover their are many layers here and it shows the deeper triumph of the band. With Unbreakable Smash Into Pieces have gone beyond and captured the heart of the genre and showcased that this genre can do exciting powerful things. So now all I can say is, when do we get a sequel?

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