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Friday, March 28, 2014

Kamchatka-The Search Goes On

Let's be honest, most of us are only familiar with Kamchatka because of the game Risk. if there was no Kamchatka region in that game I for once would be lost trying to understand this groups name. So now were do we start? This groups new record The Search Goes On is a riff heavy rock release that uses a lot of tasty fills and earthy vocals that get at the spirit of rock and roll in a way that few of the groups contemporaries can touch on. Wonderfully mixed and very exciting, this is yet another top notch rock and roll record to come out in 2014.

Part of what makes The Search Goes On so darn appealing is simply how human it sounds. Kamchatka really get at the spirit of riff heavy 70's rock bands. Yet rather than aping them as most of their contemporaries in the 'revival' or 'vest metal' movement might, they really get at the spirit of the thing and this is what makes them special. Kamchatka are so much fun to listen too because they truly channel the drug addled spirit of the 70s, getting a dynamic and exciting sound that is filled with twists and turns. Yet it all seems natural, all a part of the flow, reflective of the beauty of the music and demonstrating the undying power of this kind of music.

Kamchatka are promising songwriters, and The Search Goes On is proof of that. The riffs are heavy, the songs engaging, and the vocals simply magnificent. As you fall into the incredible well of sound that this group has formed for themselves it is hard to believe that this is a 2014 release. Yet all of the elements are here, the moment is right, and rock and roll will dominate once more. So, brothers and sisters, I want to see a revolution out there, start up your rock and roll bands, and if you can be even half as good as Kamchatka, then you'll be going places.

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