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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Beyond Mortal Dreams-Lamia

A seven inch single, man, I don't get nearly enough of these bad boys to review these days. Beyond Mortal Dreams, Australian death dealers have come out and released an album that is truly special, apocalyptic and throat ripping death metal for the masses. Their is a special breed of brutality that we can only really get with bands from down under, and with Lamia Beyond Mortal Dreams get to the heart of it. Featuring a new track as well as a re-recording this makes for some exciting and mind bending death metal listening. Beyond Mortal Dreams get to a level of brutality that you rarely hear these days, truly underground death metal that will gouge out your eyes. If you like it heavy and unapologetic, then Lamia is the record for you. Filled with unholy growls and hyper speed guitar riffs, this record is guaranteed to get your headbanging and body thrashing, so come on in and enter the crypt!

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