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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Septekh-Plan For World Domination

I've covered Septekh before for some webzine or another, you know how it goes. And I'll admit, I dug their first EP, Appolonian Eyes. Now, it took me a couple of tracks to really dig into their full length Plan For World Domination, but once you dig in, it is very much worth spinning again and again. Extolling a thrashy death metal sound with a blackened touch, these Swedish metal dudes are starting to really get a name for themselves, driving forward with powerful and exciting songs that will encourage the listener to really dig in and try to understand what the music is all about.

The perfect proof of how Septekh has advanced as a band comes in the albums final track, the triumphant and just a little bit evil, Plan For World Domination. Just under eleven minutes long, this multi part epic shows a touch of Fenriz in the roaring might of a band seemingly hellbent on tearing the world to shreds. The incredible attack found throughout this record is a big part of the magic of Plan For World Domination. It is what really allows some of the records best songs, like Superheated Liquid Iron Core to stand out, as thrashy epics that go beyond and really take a big old bite out of the jugular vein. Septekh have a clear artistic vision, and this record brings it all to a head.

Now while it may take a little bit to dig into Plan For World Domination it is most certainly worth it. As the deep cuts come in, you realize that Septekh is coming out with something new and exciting that goes far beyond so many of their contemporaries. This is a new way to approach thrashy death metal and their distinctly evil vibe sets them apart. For more than a generation, Scandinavia has broken some of the worlds most exciting metal bands and Septekh promise to be the next ones in this noble line. So let your hair fly and body shake, Plan For World Domination shows a band who might be able to really follow through!

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