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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bifrost-Tor In Eine Neu Welt

Bifrost is a folk metal band who are starting to really make a name for themselves and become titans of the pagan black metal scene. Their new record Tor In Eine Neu Welt is thirteen tracks of heavy metal madness, melodic pagan metal for the trve warrior. Clocking in with a seventy two minute run time this is not an album to be taken lightly, in fact, the primitive power and beautiful brutality of Tor In Eine Neu Welt is sure to keep your mind on edge for many a spin. One of the greatest folk metal records of the year so far, Bifrost will surely soon become international renown.

These Austrians have a wonderful sense of songwriting. The way they mix in melodies and craft pieces with clear development and climax leaves the listener constantly engaged and unable to turn away from the sheer magic that is being blared out of these speakers. Another thing that really strikes me with Bifrost is the bass, the thudding rhythms on tracks like Blutrote Nacht is truly impressive and gives the entire thing a drive that adds to the magic of the band. He truly is a key force behind the music and gets heads banging with his unique attack. This simply speaks to the wonderfully layered nature of Tor In Eine Neu Welt, there is simply so much to uncover.

Tor In Eine Neu Welt is impressive on a lot of levels. Not only is it immediately enjoyable and easy to listen too, it holds up extremely well under further scrutiny. You can almost sense the amount of hard work and passion that went into the recording of this album. The melodic guitar lines soar over top of a driving bottom end and begins to unravel the truly evil spirit of pagan metal. Built on years of hard work and a dedication to those who came before, I'm excited to hear more from Bifrost and I know that their label, Enheit Produktionen has done very very well in signing them.

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