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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diabulus in Musica-Argia

So when I first Argia, the new record from Diabulus in Musica, on, I was immediately struck by the classical opening track Et Ressurexit (Libera Me), yet while it may have been an impressive technical achievement it was still pretty standard symphonic metal fare. Then the first riff of From the Embers kicked in and I knew I was in for something special. Diabulus in Musica are impressive because though they respect the maxims of female fronted symphonic metal, they drive forward with a raw power that few of their peers have which allows them to really stand out.

One of my favorite aspects of this record is the wonderful arrangements, the keyboard parts are brilliantly put together, providing a powerful backing for the soundscapes. On top of that, the electric and bass guitars roar ahead with a blatant dedication to heaviness that is hard to get over. They give the entire thing a frightening crunch and make sure Diabulus in Musica don't lose sight of their metal roots. The final element that makes this record truly special is the use of choirs to fill out the sound. It gives the entire thing a very tasty and epic feel and wonderfully compliments INSERT's voice, leaving the listener wholly satisfied, in thrall to the beauty of the music.

With With Argia Diabulus in Musica have started to form a special and heart rending release, the sort of record that fully engages the mind with the way it is developed and orchestrated, distinctly interesting and prone to being picked apart. There are a lot of exciting layers to the music here, much more than can be dealt with in any one review. Instead, Argia is a journey, requiring the listener to dig in, and find his own salvation through triumphant layers of symphonic metal mastery. This is what female fronted symph metal should sound like, and Argia proves that Diabulus in Musica are truly lords of the genre.

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