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Sunday, April 6, 2014


Female fronted death metal from Galicia, and guess what, they don't sound anything like Archenemy! That being said, Bloodhunter is a very solid death metal act, a band who will crush your skull in with a huge bottom end and solos that are just to die for. This is a band who know how to establish a mighty atmosphere and draw in the listener with engaging and throat rending riffs. Loud, and gloriously violent, this is the sort album that you dig into and get no reprieve from. Bloodhunter are exciting and passionate, metalheads ready to indulge a generation of headbangers.

See, Bloodhunter get their majesty from being simply top notch songwriters. These guys know how to put together death metal tracks in a way that few others can. Furthermore, Diva Satanica has some growls that are to die for, when layered on top of hyper speed guitars and rapidly battered drums you have a formula for success. Song after song, this impressive debut shows variety and skill, engaging the listener on multiple levels and really forcing them to think about what is being presented to them here. Bloodhunter is a record that is worth many a spin, simply because there is so much going on, and the songwriting is simply that tight, it forces you to dig in and not stop listening.

Make no mistake, there is a lot of really great death metal coming out these days, yet Bloodhunter seem to rank among the top. One of my favorite signings on Suspiria Records, I'm excited to hear how they evolve, they seem to have a clear and dedicated artistic direction, the evolution from here could make or break their career, yet so far, signs seem positive. Let your hair down and dive into the pit, Bloodhunters groove enhanced death metal will capture your heart and decimate your neck, what more can I say? Turn this record up!

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