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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dirty Deep-Shotgun Wedding

Another day, another top notch rock and roll record. This time we have an earthy one man French blues project. Filled with down home blues and a gritty dedication to the all powerful might of the blues, Shotgun Wedding is one of the most promising blues releases I've heard in a good long while. Beautifully produced and chock full of great ideas this is the kind of album that you spin again and again, just because it's that good. Simple and to the point, Dirty Deep gets at the spirit of rock and roll and makes us face the terrors of a forgotten world.

Right off the bat, I need to say, the old school blues worship seems to be pretty apparent throughout, and by god is it awesome. The only artist I can honestly compare Dirty Deep to is Seasick Steve, they have the same magic in their music, born of being dedicated old school bluesmen. The harmonica playing is another key highlight to this record, really taking me back and giving the entire album a true blues vibe, making things a lot more interesting than they might come across as otherwise. The vocals are simply the icing on the cake, with a tight and homely vibe to them that hearkens back to old blues masters, giving the entire thing its unique and groovy blues vibe.

In closing, Dirty Deep may very well be the best blues act of 2014. Shotgun Wedding is unique and interesting, the product of thousands of hours of hard work and an undying dedication to the devils music. I'm excited to hear how Dirty Deep evolves as this record is already simply incredible. As for now, let your body groove and mind shake as your entire world is shaped by the stripped down and purely beautiful soundscapes of Dirty Deep. This is French blues, and it will take you down to the crossroads for a lesson in the most true music.

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