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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Castle-Under Siege

I have heard a lot of complaints about the rise of female fronted occult rock bands on the scene, and frankly I don't understand them. For me, bands like Mount Salem, Blood Ceremony and Sub Rosa are just plain awesome. The latest to join these hallowed ranks are the triumphant San Francisco rockers in Castle. Their new release, Under Siege is the sort of occult rock album that gets to the spirit of the genre, satanic, dazzling, and hard to get a good grip on, this is the sort of occult madness that can only come from a place as screwed up as California.

Fronted by a demonic electric witch (Dibs on the band name!) Castle will immediately strike you with their impressive riffs and inspired song structures. The riffs have a rather particular style, and while elements of other occult rock bands are found here, Castle certainly have a unique flavor that is wholly their own. Part of this is due to the wonderfully thudding bass parts which thump along and provide a fitting heartbeat to these love songs to the devil. Castle provide a full sensory experience with Under Siege it is the sort of record that sweeps you off your feet and shows you a strange new world, one that you may not even want to be a part of, and by god is it triumphant.

It's been said that HP Lovecrafts works were so great because they made the reader feel that God hated them. Well, much the same can be said for Under Siege. As Castle craft these terrifying and epic occult images your faith in humanity starts to dwindle. This is the sort of powerful occult rock that tears babies from cradles and makes people start to doubt humanity. Under Siege will capture your heart and take you into a world that can not be described with mere words. This is the eldritch black promised by Lovecraft and there is no escape.

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