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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saddolls-Grave Party

I don't get to review NEARLY enough EBM on this website, and I really don't know all that much about the genre either, even though I love it and treasure every EBM record that comes through my wheelhouse. Saddolls are just another magnificent example of the triumph of Electric Body Music as a genre, filled with heavy guitars, gothic vocals, and some really interesting soundscapes made possible by some stunning electronic ideas. These are the things that make Saddolls new record Grave Party so powerful, EBM that captures the soul.

See, what I love so much about this record is the memorable melodic hooks. They are easy to dig into and they are simply a blast to hear. They provide a solid musical basis for a lot of the songs, a sort of jumping off point from which we delve into all sorts of strange new earths. Simply put, Saddolls have some of the coolest new ideas that I have heard in EBM in a good long while, they are not afraid to be catchy and fun, yet at the same time there is a much darker, more gothic side to the music. The kind of thing you bite into and find a strange abyss hiding within. There is a dark magic to the songs on Grave Party that just might not strike you upon first spin.

So here I lie, upon a futon in my best friends house, and what can I say, other than buy this record. It is the kind of hooky and immediately endearing EBM that fans of the genre the world over will enjoy, it reflects a certain triumphant magic, in a way that only a band made up of dudes who love guitars, darkness and crafting eldritch electronic soundscapes. Let your hair fly and body move, Saddolls are bringing something new to the table and Grave Party is their first real musical statement. As the band evolves I'm excited to hear what happens, they are rife with potential and the possibilities are limitless.

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