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Monday, April 14, 2014

Death-Leprosy Limited Edition 3rd Disc Live Album

Now, long time readers know that I am a massive Death fan, and so any chance to get to review something new and exciting from them is obviously an honor. So I triumphantly bring you a review of Relapse's latest, and quite honestly, greatest release, the third disc, a limited edition live CD from the great and might Death. This is the sort of record that triumphs over all of its peers, capturing a moment in time in a way that few other records can match. With sub par production and all of Schuldiners charm on display, this is the kind of record that gets at the heart of death metal.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this record (Asides from Schuldiners on stage banter, which only fuels my man-crush for him) is the sheer darkness of Chuck's growls. Remember, when this record was done, vocals like this had never been touched on before. It shows how impressive it was that Death was pulling off something like this. The power of the growls is reflected in the rest of the music with exciting and explosive parts in songs like Forgotten Past. The blasting drums seems to have more energy than the album and give the group a much more dynamic attack. On the second part of the record (As the live recordings here are from two different locations) we are treated to even more Death live goodness with alternate live takes of Leprosy, Pull the Plug and more.

So, is this 3rd disc special edition of Leprosy my favorite live album ever? Quite possible yes, I mean Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio may have changed my life, but you can not underestimate the power of Death. Schuldiner has a simply otherworldly growl here and I think it showcases the refined and immaculate nature of his work at a pivotal point in his career. So prepare to get headbanging, moshing, and even brought to tears by the poignant, triumphant, and altogether worthy experience that is this record. Watch out though, there are only 2000 copies, so pick one up as soon as you can!

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