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Monday, April 14, 2014


Utterly brutal death metal torn straight from the abyss of darkest Russia. This is what true metal is about, with a destructive crunch and utterly inhuman growls, Sickrites get at the internal and destructive magic of death metal. Sure, Sickrites can be critcized for sounding primitive and even subhuman at times, but for me, that's an integral part of the pleasure I get in listening to this band. Their new record, Irreverent Death Megaliths is the sort of death metal record that can only come from years of destructive oppresion, breeding hatred and brutality in a world where love is only a pipe dream. This is the sound of raw evil being ripped out of a demons intestines. Do not expect solace from Sickrites, Irreverent Death Megaliths only offers destruction and pain, and through this we find beauty and ascension. Your mind is the key, so let yourself be taken to the otherworld and ride this pure and unholy wave of death metal destruction.

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