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Monday, April 28, 2014

Dimholt-Liberation Funeral

In The Lord of the Rings, Dimholt was the small patch of woods at the entrance to the Paths of the Dead. In the language of the Rohirrim Dim means "secret" or "obscure" while Holt means would. If that's not a great name for a black metal band then I don't want to know what is. Suffice to say, Dimholt seem to live, breathe, and die by their black metal standards. This is the sort of contemplative and beautiful music that captures the heart in its rapid attacks and then more slowed down doom metal portion. With Liberation Funeral Dimholt show themselves to be potent masters of a genre few claim to love.

From the first, Dimholt seem profoundly aware of the fantastical and almost mythical nature of their music. This isn't really something you just spin and then put away. No, Dimholt are more than that, the way they craft sounds is wholly unique, yet still a part of the body that we call black metal. The blast beats here are a huge factor in what drives the sound forward. See, even in the darkest moments of Liberation Funeral, one gets a sense of freedom, as if, through the holocaust created by Dimholt we can reach something more. Dimholt shows us that through the fire and the flames we can carry on to a brave new world, beyond that ashes of the one in which we currently reside.

This is a band with a message and many layers of meaning behind their music, and digging into it is a lot of fun. They stir a bone in my body that is rarely touched, the sort of thing only really reached at with groups like Summoning, or even better, Caladan Brood. Yet, Dimholt don't sound like either of those bands, instead, they bring something new to the table and their black metal just might be the thing that can save us, as a scene, and as a people, from the cruel world we have created.  Dimholt seek to make the triumphant victory of black metal a beautiful reality.

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