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Monday, April 28, 2014

Funest-Desecration Obscurity

I've been studying hard all day and now I think I'm seeing double, so now it's time to rage with Funest (Points if you get the reference) a death metal band who understand the essence of brutality. These death metallers charge straight out of the gates of hell with riffs that are simply to die for and some chug patterns that will pound your bones to dust. I thought they didn't make death metal like this anymore, but Funest seem set to break the rules and then stomp on some skulls. When you think that these guys are from sunny Italy, well, then the horror of their new record Desecration Obscurity becomes all the more profound.

See, the thing that makes Funest really special for me is the decrepit vocal patterns. Not only can this bands lead singer, known only as M. have a dominating growl, his knowledge of pocket rhythms is impressive. The instrumental parts here are also insane. The riffs blaze ahead at a mad speed and the blast beats give an impressive drive to the music. The band becomes all the more impressive when you realize that they are only a trio. the groups bassist certainly has his work cut out for him! In fact, being a trio probably helps as it places a bigger emphasis on the bottom end and this is a large part of what makes Funest such a marvelous sensory experience. There is simply no respite from the groups death metal oppression.

Funest is the sound of chaos embodied, yet within this chaos, there is a strange and distinctly evil type of order. Desecration Obscurity is the sort of release that gets to the heart of death metal, demonstrating that there is something more to the dark facade that most never get past. With songs like Catacomb Torture (Mutilator from the Grave) Desecration Obscurity shows Funest getting at a different sort of evil, something more profound, decrepit and generally evil. This is what death metal is all about, some come on in, Funest might just eat you alive!

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