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Monday, April 14, 2014

Momentum, Hammercult and Napalm Death at La Fleche D'or

I had been to La Fleche D'or before, or rather, the venue right next to it, finding my way in though was a struggle. After I did figure out a way in, (After all, this was well before the doors opened) I had to find the tour manager and prepare myself for a heavy metal evening of unmatched magic. In the course of the night I got to have dinner and talk politics with Barney Greenway, watch my favorite up and coming thrash metal band from Israel, and then close it all out with beer, music, spirituality, and perhaps most importantly, hugs with Mitch Harris.

Momentum were the first band up, the second Icelandic group that I have seen in recent weeks. Their unique proggy sound is very distinct, and while it may not be what you expect when you choose an opener for Napalm Death, it is certainly very enjoyable. I managed to pick up a copy of their record for review purposes and I'm excited to really dig into it. Momentum have quite an interesting sound with a lot of interesting layers and moments of musical development. This is the sort of band whose sound you get lost in while they play, be it in epic vocals layers or synthesizer solos, this is what modern prog metal should be about, and by god is it glorious.

Hammercult were up next, now I loved these guys when I reviewed their most recent record Steelcrusher which I felt was almost their Reign in Blood Suffice to say, in a live setting these guys absolutely killed it, playing their own unique brand of thrash metal to the max. These guys really rip it live, through mountains of flying hair and ferocious shrieks. These guys know how to deliver and I just want to see them again and again, Hammercult understand the future of thrash metal, why, they represent it. I can not wait until they do a US tour, these guys could seriously take the world by storm and leave a trail of bloody corpses in their triumphant wake.

Now it's time for the evenings main event. Napalm Death came on the stage, this would be my second time seeing them live. As always I was shocked by their stunning humility, even though these guys could be metal megastars and are already legends in their respective lifetimes they set up their own gigs and play a tight, completely destructive set. This is the sort of thing that proves true grindcore will never die, that no matter what, even as we face our own mediocrity there will be something greater, something bigger than us, that goes beyond on a spiritual and emotional level. You can not put a Napalm Death show into words, it is so much greater than that.

So why do I keep going? Because Napalm Death have transcended the grindcore genre as an art form, and really music as a whole. When all is said and done (See what I did there?) this is a band who make you feel better after seeing them. They touch your heart and allow you to as Barney Greenway would say; "Take all of that shit and put it in a big ball of toilet paper and flush it down the can." This is the sort of enlightement our embittered world needs more of and this is the beauty that Napalm Death extol. This is not a band to be underestimated, and if you do you will always regret it. This life is a gift to be lived and loved, and Napalm Death only want you to remind you of this beautiful reality.

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