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Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't get a lot of progressive and exciting modern rock, yet Rinch provide it proudly with their new record Odysee, the kind of album that gets to the spirit of what bands like The Killers are trying to achieve. Really, that's what makes these guys special, a stripped down approach to a genre that has gotten too complex. Through that they find a certain beauty that few of their contemporaries can touch on, the sort of magic that only really comes from when a group of guys with guitars, drums, and copious amounts of hair get together and decide to see what happens when they make music.

Rinch have really pulled back all the stupid layers that cloud modern rock and so their music takes on what can almost be described as a punk edge. The anthemic choruses are easy to latch on to and demonstrate the kind of triumphant magic this band has, soaring over top of its peers simply because no one else on this particular scene is willing to get rid of all the lies. Driven by a thudding bass and simple, almost shouted vocals that find beauty in what can only be called a basic attack we get a sense for where Rinch is going. The sound is not at all guitar heavy, instead the rhythm section gives this band an incredible forward momentum that means that it is impossible to stop listening.

Odysee is magical, it takes the listener on a musical journey, much like the title promises. Not a lot of bands are this good at mixing in there pop elements to the might of the music. this is the sort of deal that you might not think would triumph at first, yet as you get deeper into it, it makes sense. People have a hunger these days for simple and easy songs in 4/4 with fun choruses. In a world where rock tries to be to smart for you and have more class than it ever deserved it is reassuring to have a band like Rinch, unpretentious and easily approachable, they don't care what you think, there music is fantastic and you can't do a thing about it.

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