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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lucifer's Hammer

There is something to be said for old school blackened death metal, it's the kind of thing that in this strange modern age, we really don't get enough of. So when a band comes out who did it all back in the 80's and never really got known, well, that's pretty cool to check out. Lucifer's Hammer is one such act and their new record The Mists of Time MMXIV showcases the primitive and beautiful evil that true death metal was always supposed to have. These Chilean masters were on the cutting edge when this record was first done, and the strange power behind the music is definitely something to be reckoned with. The music here is a evil form of blackened death metal that uses soaring keyboards to add a strange and otherworldly quality to the music. The riffs are mighty, ringing forth with the rage of a boar, goring the listener even as they try to find peace within the music. Lucifer's Hammer are perhaps the best band to come out of the 80's Chilean death metal scene and The Mists of Time MMXIV captures all of the reasons for this mastery. If you want to be exposed to the true blackened evil of extreme metal from one of South America's most torn countries, this is the record for you!

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