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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Unscarred, Furykane, Thanatic Eyes, and Magoa at La Boule Noire

Am I going to throw up again? No. Alright, I think I remember most of what happened last night, it happens you know? Here I sit preparing my lunch looking at the fading stamp on my hand, might as well get to writing about last nights show. Now I've seen all of these bands live before, most recently I caught Unscarred on Tuesday (Yes, I'm covering the same band twice in one week? You don't like it? Start your own blog.) So Now I'm more able to dig into the real nuances of what each of these bands really bring to the table in their live shows.

Unscarred as usual brought the mosh, their new material sounding tighter than ever, they delivered on of their best sets to date. The one downside was that the sound at the beginning of the set was simply horrendous with Nelly's primal scream cutting out entirely at times. Fortunately this lasted for only a song and the metal masses were privileged with a performance of some of Unscarred's most promising new material. These guys always impress me live, simply from the reaction they get from the audience, people who are seeing them for the first time are immediately drawn in and start headbanging and moshing like mad. This is the sort of group you see, and immediately fall in love with.

Now, I had seen Furykane twice before last night, and every night you get a little something special in their show. Tonight I really started to understand the power of this group and how well they deal with dynamic contrast. The mixture between dark and light here is incredible, it creates a sound that requires many a listen and after seeing them play just once, you will want to go back and catch them again and again. On top of this, Jen's voice is simply stellar, she has an incredible delivery that goes across all genres from rap, to hardcore, pop to death metal. It makes Furykane incredibly interesting to listen too, simply because so much is going on within.

Thanatic Eyes are another band I've seen live on quite a few occasions, this set was particularly special because they will be departing on a European tour in just a few days. The depth of the Thanatic attack was on full display here tonight, the band were tighter than ever, and really shining in the top notch professional conditions that are found in La Boule Noire. Their delivery is powerful and really gets at the heart of death metal, the crunch behind the attack is not something you can really deny and it just leaves me begging for more. They debuted a new song too, "War" and that was a highlight, suggesting a bright new direction for these French metal hopefuls.

And at least we arrive at Magoa. Their singer, Cyd (Who is my neighbor, just for the record) has always impressed me with his wonderful charisma and triumphant dedication to rocking. His massive voice soars out over top of the crowd and gives us a sort of metal communion. Magoa is one of very few bands who properly mix cleans and growls, and it stood out tonight. On top of that, the band was incredibly tight, their synchronized headbanging and punchy rhythms could get even a non metaller to bop along to the music. This band is destined for big things, and as they play progressively bigger venues, I could see them becoming arena rockers for a new generation.

I never know what I'm supposed to put in these conclusions, yes all these bands were good, and yes you should go see them live. But now what more have I got to say? Ah yes. When you're searching for the underground, nights can be very hit or miss, either you discover some incredible new bands and others you find jack squat. Thanatos Productions was able to put together something special here with not two, not three, but four top notch bands, and this kind of development and forethought guarantees that these groups of friends will forever triumph.

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