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Friday, April 25, 2014

Wicked Inquisition-Silence Thereafter

Silence Thereafter cover art

Wicked Inquisition are the kind of modern traditional doom band that many say the world has enough of. I beg to differ. As a long time Sabbath worshipper, hearing a band who give their own unique twist on this sort of music. With their new record Silence Thereafter these guys show they have no fear of mixing dark and light and their powerful, poignant melodies grasp at some of the more decimating side effects of what it means to be a metalhead. Wicked Inquisition are on a sort of witch hunt of their very own, finding the poser scum and crushing them under riffs that are simply to die for.

The vocal lines are especially well delivered, while the singer is certainly no Dio his simple and powerful delivery certainly gets the job done. In fact, this is one of those times where the lack of skill on the part of the singer helps to make it beautiful, it simply reflects the human condition so much better. Otherwise, as I mentioned before, these guys are clearly REALLY into Sabbath, and not just the traditional stuff, every once in a while on tracks like Radius of Fear you hear a song that calls to mind some of their acoustic instrumentals, chock full of a strange and ethereal beauty. Toss in some psychedelic solos and you have a band who really get to the spirit of doom.

These electric prophets of destruction are not going to leave your mind soon. After listening to their record its hard to not want to follow it up with Black Sabbath or Sleep. It's important to note too, though these guys may certainly be very influenced by Sabbath they know their stuff, throughout the songs you can hear touches of Blue Cheer, Captain Beyond and Budgie alongside more traditional riffs. So welcome to a world where your mind is the key, where a greater understanding of all that is doom comes as a product of dedication to the genre God forsook. Wicked Inquisition invite you to a Silence Thereafter and I highly recommend you join in.

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