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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Lustmord-Trapped In Purgatory

Blackened death metal has always intrigued me because there are so many ways it can go, black metal with death metal rage, death metal with black metal hate, or maybe something exactly in between. With Trapped In Purgatory The Lustmord do something a bit different, adding blackened touches to what can only be described as a brutal death metal facade. This makes for some interesting grooves and a stirring sense of evil that probes down into your gut and makes you aware of the horrifying darkness within us all. This is a new take on blackened death metal and by Thor is it good.

From the first it is possible to hear the sounds of bands like Dismember here. Yet there is quite clearly something more going on too. The death metal parts (and in particular, a heavy Cannibal Corpse influence) dominate this record and really give the riffs an impressive groove. However, there is also a stunning raw evil behind the sound, something that comes from blackened frills that give the entire thing a strange and unholy magic. These Arizona metallers are probing a strange new world, filled with sounds that have not yet been fully explored, the kind of thing you can hardly anticipate simply because so much is going on within them. Trapped In Purgatory goes beyond words, and perhaps its better that way.

The Lustmord have a rally good sense of what they want to do, and it makes sense, they've been around since 2001 when the mastermind behind the project was 17. Trapped In Purgatory is probably their most significant statement to date. Though it is only six songs long it feels like so much more, simply because The Lustmord have become that good. Filled with engaging grooves and terrifying black metal breaks this is the sort of release that you are forced to spin again and again to really understand, and given the high quality of Trapped In Purgatory, that's certainly what I'll be doing!

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